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All packages include unlimited users

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Essential tools for increased event engagement & event data overlay
Billled annually
5 social feeds
1 workflow for automation

Included in Campaign:
Basic analytics:
Overview Analytics & Activity, Top Influencers, Sentiment, Reach, Impressions, Popular Times to Post, Key Trends at Events
Real-time visuals for boosting engagement at events: Polls, Social Collages, Influencer Leaderboards, Content Moderation
Live microsites:
0 included
Social/content providers:
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & G+
Audience Builder:
Not available
Email only
Content analytics & visualizations for multiscreen UGC campaigns
Billled annually
Data starting at:
10 social feeds
5 workflows for automation
Can purchase additional data

Included in Marketing:
Campaign, plus:
Content analytics:
Influencer Content Discovery, Geo Data & Trends, Social Performance, Content Insights, Campaign Comparison, Auto Reporting
Multiscreen UGC solutions for driving social commerce & website traffic: mobile-optimized Social Widgets, Social Microsites, Custom Visual Builder
Live microsites:
0 included
2 at $200/month billed annually
Social/content providers:
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, G+, RSS & YouTube
Audience Builder:
Not available
Priority email + phone
Behavioral & deep analytics for multiple corporate-level functions
Custom pricing
Billed annually
Data starting at:
100 social feeds
50 workflows for automation
Subaccount access

Included in Enterprise:
All packages, plus:
Behavioral analytics:
Granular insights on Social Identities, Twitter Followers Analysis, Affinities, Associations, Sentiment, Localized & Global Trends
Scalable & data-driven solutions for enriching your back-end apps: access to our APIs for HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics & proprietary systems
Live microsites:
4 included
Social/content providers:
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, G+, RSS, YouTube & Chatter
Audience Builder:
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SLA & dedicated account rep
Social data integration:

gain access to our deep first-party data to enrich your existing systems

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Custom agency plans:

let Zoomph solution specialists create the right agency plan for you

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Custom projects & campaigns:

experience Zoomph’s first-class support for your next big project

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Frequently asked questions

What is data?

At Zoomph, we don’t believe in charging you per seat, per users, or per search term. We believe that all businesses should be able to afford our platform and scale it to their business size. Therefore, we charge based on your needs and data. We define data by the number of social posts your account can store and analyze during the year. You can also purchase extra data any time.

Do I need to pay for a year up front?

Yes. All new Zoomph customers must buy a Zoomph package to get started with their amazing content and integrated marketing strategies. At Zoomph, marketing science involves more than just vanity metrics and short-term wins; it’s an investment in transformative analytics that share a story about your brand, and inspire powerful content and influence over time.

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Limited features for sampling our analytics and engagement tools

No charge

You owe us
1 social feed
1 workflow for automation
Included in Free:
Consultation and custom platform walk-through
Limited analytics:
Audience Activity, Demographics, Top Influencers, Sentiment, Reach, Impressions, Popular Times to Post, Trends Report
Multiple visuals for increasing engagement around your brand: Live Displays, Interactive Social Hubs, Basic Embeddable Widgets
Community support
Providing Brands Actionable Intelligence & Activation to Target Their Audiences

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